Sunday, March 3, 2013

Feb 24, 2013 Letter

(Note: minor editing here... you probably don’t really care to read that he wants me to fix his debit card issues. Yes, my response was “this is the reason why Scouts are required to get the family/life merit badges. Budgeting is necessary!!!” Mean, nagging mother.) The trip out here was great. There was 20 elders and 2 sisters coming to PA! Out of the 22 this other elder and I place a Book of Mormon to the woman on the plane after I called you. (Mom). We talked the whole flight and I gave her my email but I got nothin when I checked. Oh well. we had a good time, on the 19th we got our companions/areas. I’m with Elder Walker, he’s from Bountiful, UT and played college lacrosse with Taylor Dockstader. (One of the guys on J’s lax team.) We have a ton in common and he’s been out almost a hear. He’s the DL (district leader) of our District. Pretty cool although I have responsibility. Our area (Latrobe) just got re-opened after 7 years so we’re literally starting from nothing. All we have is the list of less active members (about 400) which we will try to “reactivate”. We met a less active part-member family and the 14 year old, Selena was never baptized. We met them saturday and I actually committed her to baptism April 9th and she said Yes! So we’ll work with her a ton, maybe she’ll get baptized before! We got to have a lesson(s) with 2 less actives who are basically living in a hospital right now. They were the coolest guys ever! They’re really excited to have us come back. Elder Walker says I’m really spoiled to have is as my first area because we have a pretty nice apartment (brand new), nice car (Chevy-Cruz), and the ward is really involved with the missionaries! We’ve had a few dinner appointments and are getting more! I’ve gained almost 20 pounds between here and the MTC! I haven’t received any mail aside from your package because nobody has my new address! It is: Elder Jarrod West 216 N Shenandoah #302 Latrobe, PA 15650 Mom. I was thinking you could make a little photo album from before my mission! Family, friends, farewell! That’d be cool. :) I like food, stamps, legal pad paper, razors (Schick Hydro blades), and $! :D Fo sho! Tell everyone I love them and to write me soon! -Elder West (the

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