Tuesday, February 26, 2013

First email contact from Pittsburgh

Jarrod and I are still trying to figure out the best way to communicate with each other. It turns out we were both emailing each other at the same time yesterday - and read each others’ messages after our initial email to the other. Confused? Join the club! Apparently he’s written me a letter that I should be getting pretty soon. I’m hoping that in the letter he will tell me where he is located in the PA area, because he didn’t mention it in his emails. Here’s the most pertinent thing that he wrote (besides the photo information):
“if you wanna send another care package, don't forget schick hydro razors. those come in handy! also heath bars :) i keep wanting to text or call you about these things but i CAN'T! ahhhhhh annoyiiiing. oh well. i seriosly like it better without a phone but being able to send those quick little messages are a major blessing. be grateful for the little things like that. and being able to eat whenever you want. and usually being able to buy whatever you want without thinking about it for 2 years if you're gonna need it or not. ah! some of these will seriously stress you out. but with prayer and scirptures i'm sane. love you”
Here are the photos he sent me. The tall guy in the center is one of Jarrod’s friends from St. George. Elder Bryce Brindley. I can’t remember where he’s going. Cousin Bekki Brau somehow figured out when he was going to be at the temple and was able to run over and meet him there. I think that girl is magic! (And they have the same nose!!) MTC Pic of a group of them All of the guys in our district the last night with our zone leaders. (maroon shirt in the back and super tall blue shirt) Bekki knows him from school! And lastly - in Pennsylvania! All the PA missionaries from the MTC together. getting in the field Feb. 18th and getting our comps/areas on the 19th

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