Saturday, March 16, 2013

Letters from 3/10/13 and 3/11/13

Yeah P-day ends at 6. Blah. Goes too quick! We had a dope “snow-storm!” It ‘twas beautiful! It wasn’t cold at all but it had a ton of soft flaky snow, about 10”, which I took a few pictures of! You’re welcome! :) Yeah, it was short-lived YOLO (you only live once) moment. Nothing interesting. I did a bit of driving, not supposed to unless it’s an emergency, senior comp can’t, or I’m leading our area on exchanges (which means my comp is in a different area.) But the roads are tiny and retarded. It’s not bad! The mission pres had me drive a brand new Chevy Cruze from the mission home to the meeting house, about an hour’s drive. So sick! Yeah, so I gave a lady your facebook-ish. She loves art and she is freakin’ awesome! She might contact you. {She did!!} She’s in our ward and had us over for dinner. So we shared a little lesson, or the other elders shared a lesson, we joined in! IT was about what we should base our testimonies on. But teaching by the Spirit was/is huge. Elder Walker (my comp) answered a question about Joseph Smith she’s had for 6 years without even meaning to. The Spirit is a necessity in our lives! That is why it is so important to renew our convenants on Sunday and repenting daily, you know? I have a funny picture I’ll put up tomorrow... We’ll play on p-day, tomorrow, and just exercise/work out however we can in our apartment every other day. I mean every day as in not on p-day! But yeah, pray for us to find people to teach! We’ve been struggling.... Love you bunches! 3/11/13 Email: So to explain my beautiful picture - we were driving to a library in another area because our ZL's called my companion (the DL) needing him to print some stuff. so as we were driving along this AWESOME TANK! was along the side of the road, we slammed to a stop and jumped out for a quick picture! it didn't take very long but when we continued we came along a man who's car had slid part way into a ditch. he couldn't get out so we stopped to help! we pushed his car out with the help of a passing biker and the car had gone over a piece of concrete in the ditch which bent the rim thing that the tire goes on so it pinched it to the axle, we couldn't get the tire off so we couldn't put the donut on! we waited for him to call for help but nobody picked up. i guess everybody gets in trouble on the first beautiful saturday in pennsylvania! but we went to a gas station to have them call him a tow truck and as we left we gave him a card with our number on it and haven't seen or heard from him! but i know that our service opened his heart just a tiny bit and with the card he now has a door waiting for him to open. Love you all! do a random/kind act of service everyday no matter how small! you will see the blessings if you look closely enough ;) - elder west PS totally would have missed the guy if we hadn't stopped for a picture too! crasy crasy

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  1. Awe so fun!! Ask jar if he got my package! I sent it two weeks ago and I have had no response!!