Saturday, March 16, 2013

Letter from 3/4/13

(I'll try to do as little editing as possible here.) Girls take wayyy too long to get ready! (In response to me saying I take too long!)I've always know that but experienced it first hand in the MTC! The girls were always last to class, to meals, and to the temple when we got to go! Ridiculous. Our area is pretty sweet but really big! It covers a part of Greensburg, Youngwood, Latrobe, Derry, Ligonier, Donegal, Mt. Pleasant, and Calumet. We only get 1000 miles a month for our car. That's about 32 miles a day. It's so freaking hard not to go over! But yeah, Latrobe is famous for Mr. Rogers and Arnold Palmer. All I know about the beer is that it's called Rolling Rock.(Luke was wondering why they put the # 33 on all of their bottles? Another thing Latrobe is famous for.) I like to avoid those talks. Haha. It is really beautiful here and most of the time the snow is awesome! I always wear gloves or I just put my hands in my pockets. We get a gas card and we keep a list of our miles. We get a different card called a Mac-card for groceries but if we're lucky the members feed us and buy us food so we can save up for toys. I wanna save up to get a Penguins flag to put in our apartment! Cause I WILL NOT convert to the Steelers! So I like the Penguins (hockey) now. Sorry, Luke! I still kind of like the Black hawks! Planning is easy. It's just hard to stick to that plan~ Totally sucks when we have the whole day planned around lessons and everyone bails. That's pretty much this entire week. We taught 6 lessons all this week. We did a lot of tracting but still haven't found a single person interested. It's so hard not teaching. I hate it. Especially all the teaching in the MTC we did. Totally did not prepare me for the teaching we WOULDN'T be doing! We actually had our only one for tonight bail so we might go tracting. They're both pretty bad downers. But we went on exchanges earlier for 24 hours. I went to Freeport with Elder Perkins and his companion Elder Smith went with Elder Walker. Elder Perkins and I went to 3 or 4 houses (the 4th was in the morning) but the last one at night. We went to this super cool guy's house that was a small loft apartment but looked over the town. The missionaries called him the Emperor of, whatever the area was called, and he loved it! He was so legit. He made us fresh fruit smoothies and had Enya playing in the backyard. I totally recognized one of the songs from some of the music you showed us when we were little. Brings back memories of the old house... But anyways! He told us about a friend from work got drunk and drove down a one way street and had a head-on collision and killed the other driver. We don't know what happened to his friend because the police wouldn't let out which hospital he was in. But the guy was distraught and said he would take as much pain from his friend and put it on his own shoulders and we were like BOOM! Atonement right there. So we read a scripture or two and bore our testimonies about how Jesus already did all of that and how he just needed to pray for his friend and do all he could to let his friend know he loved him. I also put out the point that after all this is said and done, maybe that was the Lord's way of humbling the guy to listen to the Gospel. Bad things happen as a trial to our faith. I know that because it's happening right now with our search for investigators. We have a couple potentials but I'm not so sure they're really interested. This is so stressful! Oh and yeah! Just thought the new missionary in your ward! I met a kid in the MTC going to Chicago and said to look for you and you would have them over for dinner! Dunno if they'll ever find you. But take 'em out! Same thing, Oma & Opa! Met a cutie going to Berlin! You totally get mission goggles out here! It's almost exactly like beer goggles where every girl is super cut and it just doesn't make any sense! Elder Walker says that it will get better as time goes on but it's ridiculous how bad I want to talk to a girl! Blahhh! I'll just work on my face-off skills because I now have a lacrosse stick to play with! :) So pumped, you don't even know! Sorry to get off-track! Haha. It happens like every 5 minutes. Selena, I told you about. But we're meeting tomorrow and I'm so excited because of hose awesome she is! It was funny. When we went to visit her last week she had got suspended from school for some stuff and police came to her house, so when we knocked they wouldn't answer the door because they thought we were police again! Ah, gosh, she's so cool! Total trouble maker like I was. It's awesome! I rally hope she wants to be baptized on the 23rd! She's been my biggest blessing out here. She pretty much fell into our hands the first week we were here and she is already so close to baptism and is progressing like crazy! But like I said before be grateful for little things. Pray often and ALWAYS! Study the scriptures as much as you can. I started from the beginning and Nephi is literally the biggest stud ever. I take about 2 chapters everyday and mark every little thing I find interesting. So that means A LOT! I just finished 2 Nephi 2. Probably the best chapter ever. Read it!

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