Monday, February 18, 2013

The Flight from the MTC

Jarrod flew out from the Salt Lake City airport early this morning and safely arrived at the mission home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I have only received two quick letters from him this last week, and two short emails. He didn't share too many adventures, except flirting with some of the Sister missionaries. On Valentine's Day they were at the temple, and there was one sister that was quite good looking. With much encouragement from the guys, he got down on one knee and asked her to be his Valentine for the day! All in good fun! I can tell he is really enjoying himself, since he is being so silly in his letters... usually his address to me ("Maaaa!", "Yo!", "Mother Dear") Mostly he's talked of who he's received letters from (Thank you, everyone who has written him! He has loved it!) and how terrible it is not to hear from his mother and father! (Chicago mail to Utah is really slow!! That's my excuse, anyway!) Oh, they had snowball wars with a neighboring district (in which the elder that was from St George and played lacrosse with Jarrod, Elder Angell). Apparently there was some floor/ceiling banging going on. He also listed some of his favorite treats, if anyone would like to send packages: Oreos, Twix, Milky Way, Starbusts, Charleston Chews, gum, etc. Although, he's not a huge junk-food eater (must have some dominant West genes there because he sure didn't get that from his mother!), so if you'd like to send him some healthy snacks, I'm sure he wouldn't complain. Jerky is good, fruit snacks.... ? His last letter to me said there was a possibility he could call from the airport if he had time, so he hoped I didn't mind a 4 am phone call! Of course, I woke up at 4 and waited and dozed and waited some more! He called at about 9 am, during his layover in Denver! When they arrived at the Salt Lake City airport they had just enough time to check in and board the plane. He said his luggage didn't go overweight and they checked in his carry-on since it was a smaller plane. He was able to get a phone card that had just a few minutes free on it, so we didn't speak long. He was doing great. 20 elders and 2 sisters were heading out to Pennsylvania. He said there were about 80 leaving to California!! He said he has a lot of pictures, but has yet to post anything. I don't think he had enough time on the computer to be able to post anything. He saw a lot of friends in the MTC, including his cousin, Jake Whitney. He sends his love to everyone! I got this short note from the Mission President's wife: Dear West family, Just a quick note to let you know your missionary made it here safe and sound. We are so excited to have him here with us in PA. Thanks for sharing him with us for the next little while. We will try and take very good care of him. much love, Sister Topham


  1. I sent him a package last week I should have looked here first dang!!

    1. No worries! If he doesn't like something, his companion surely will! And he's appreciative of the thought at any rate! My first two care packages were a complete miss! And I'm his mother! But all the rest of the guys were really happy to delve into the goods! Sweet of you to send him stuff! <3